The ‘Ped-a-Pul’ or ‘Ped-a-Pole’, an ingenious piece of small apparatus, plays such an important roll in programming for clients. In essence, its appearance is basically a T-shaped pole mounted to a wall, with two springs and handles either side, connected to a wooden floor base. Ideal in its functionality for the elderly, standing up against a stable base of support while strengthening arms, it also is an essential tool for pregnancy Pilates, strengthening arms and legs, while maintaining an upright position during second and third trimesters. In addition, clients with shoulder injuries or issues are able to execute their work in a safe 90 degree angle, or below if necessary, avoiding further damage. It really is suitable for so many clients!

To see what the Ped-a-Pul is all about, in all its glory, contact Invigorate Pilates for more information.