After recovering from an injury myself due to poor postural instructing habits and long days standing on my feet, (yes, my repetitive action of leaning forward to correct clients and enthusiastic demonstrations whilst not being warm, had finally caught up with me), it made me realise the exercise I do outside of the studio is not enough to keep me in tip-top shape for the amount of hours I teach on a weekly basis. We all know we need to stretch and warm up/warm down before and after exercising, but what BODY MAINTENANCE are we doing, specifically relating to our everyday jobs? And more importantly, can we acknowledge the short cuts we do and try to change those patterns before they may lead into a niggle… pain… and perhaps an injury?! For example, now when I park my car, I try not to lean over the passenger’s seat to grab my always seemingly heavy bag across my body. Instead, I take extra time to walk around to the passenger’s side and collect my bag that way. It’s the extra time spent to avoid poor repetitive actions that will ultimately save your body. Practicing what I preach… trying to.

So with all this said, the question on Invigorate Pilates’ new client form, “What’s your occupation?”, will help me figure out what stretches, exercises and knowledge you may need to help correct those sneaky little habitual patterns, which are so easy for our bodies to find and do when working everyday. Come and see how Invigorate Pilates can help you prevent possible injuries by simply maintaining your body!