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Our location

The studio is located opposite a children’s playground area and a brand new cafe called, Amend. With plenty of easy parking, stairs and also a ramp, accessibility to Invigorate Pilates is easy. Within walking distance, Albert Park is also a beautiful park on Monaco Street and can be accessed within meters of the studio.

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The Reformer

As a new client, the reformer is the first apparatus you will be introduced to. Its use of variable resistance springs allows you to perform weight training in a safe and supported manner, while still challenging your fitness capabilities. The carriage itself acts as a pully system, moving the Reformer bed up and down via the straps provided. Exercises can not only be executed laying on your back but also laying side ways, kneeling or standing depending on the client’s fitness level, also taking into account any injuries or concerns they may have. Simply position a long box on the Reformer to completely transform this unique piece of equipment allowing endless exercises and variations to take shape. Adding a jump board also enables clients to improve their cardiovascular workouts.

The Wunda Chair

The Wunda Chair essentially looks like a box with one side exposed, which enables access to the resistance springs. With a smaller base, the spine is unsupported during all exercises, challenging clients to engage their core more, which focuses on posture as opposed to relying on the apparatus itself for support. Like the Reformer, its use of numerous resistance options enables each exercise to have a different tension; sometimes a lighter spring is more difficult than a heavier one. The springs can be adjusted to suit your needs depending on the client’s shape, size and body weight. The pedal itself is attached to the springs and moves in an upward and downward motion. Whether controlled by your feet or hands, the spring will challenge or assist you from exercise to exercise. With a strong focus on quadriceps, the Wunda Chair’s versatility is endless; sitting down to perform leg and footwork, completely inverting yourself for abdominals, laying on your side or flipping onto your front, this truly is a wunda-ful chair.

The Cadillac

The Cadillac is the most intricate of all three pieces of equipment. With its use of accessories, endless amounts of exercises and variations can be performed. Similar to the Reformer in its bed-like appearance, a metal frame surrounds the ‘Cadi’ itself, with each end acting as attachment points for leg and arm springs and a push through bar. The Cadillac only offers a two spring variable, which utilises less resistance, placing a stronger focus on the client’s range of motion within their joints. This in turn requires the client to obtain a supple and healthy spine and hold a reasonable amount of flexibility in order to use the Cadillac effectively, which is why the introduction to this apparatus occurs later on in the client’s program. You are able to perform numerous amounts of exercises on this machine; laying down on your back, side or front or standing up onto the bed itself in order to hang upside. You must see it to believe it in order to appreciate The Cadi’s versatility and extensive repetioré range.

Pregnancy Pilates

Programs are taylored for each Mum-to-be throughout the duration of their pregnancy. From trimester one right through to three, Invigorate Pilates facilitiates each stage of pregnancy with the use of custom made incline beds, pregnancy pillows and other small apparatus and props, so all exercises can be performed safely while still achieving goals and seeing results. With a strong attention to addressing postural changes, pelvic floor strength, balance and breathing, Invigorate Pilates wants you to feel comfortable while exercising and appreciates every session might require a different focus depending on how you may be feeling on the day. Every exercise can be modified to suit your needs, so keeping clear communication between Chantal and yourself is very important in determining how your session can be conducted on the day.

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