Among the many benefits of Pilates, a few key factors over looked in various other training methods are balance, coordination and mobilisation.

Balance! Introducing balance and proprioception awareness and incorporating it in our everyday lives,  will help us during our later years. By creating small balance challenges during my client’s workouts, I hope to build their confidence when outside the studio doors. You would be surprised how many of us can close our eyes and rise up and down on our toes 10 times without wobbling. Try it and see where you are at…

Coordination! Love it! Through my years of teaching experience and perhaps the slight influence of my ballet training, coordination is something I try and focus on for each and every client. Whether it’s combining a leg and arm action at the same time or using two pieces of small apparatus to create one killer exercise, it’s important to stimulate our brains when exercising to challenge the mind equally as much as the body.

Mobility; the art (and I call it an art) of mobilising our joints so they are able to move freely within their sockets. It’s the WD40 for us humans! Whether it be your hip joint, ankle joints, shoulder joints or facet joints of the spine, once mobilisation is taught and understood, there is much less chance of injury due to better body mechanics when in movement. When you have a strong foundation, the rest of your body should glide upon exercising.

Now here’s to better rising up and down with our eyes closed, better coordination to challenge the mind and gliding around the room freely! Contact Invigorate Pilates on 0404 409 945 and get balanced, get coordinated and get mobilised!